Saturday, 15 September 2007

Our own Harry Potter

Yesterday while viewing some houses we had a slightly dramatic experience.
They always have huge understairs storage cupboards here, that you can basically walk in to. Yesterday while we were upstairs we heard Lucas and Linnea playing downstairs - and all of a sudden we hear Linnea complain in a bit more intense way, so we went to see what had happened.
She had locked herself in the understairs cupboard!!

There was no key for it, and it had one of those turning knob kind of handles, so the only way to get her out was to convince her to turn the handle herself from the inside...

I can tell you it was some sweaty few minutes (she was perfectly fine though!) before she was good girl and came out, all by herself! *Pheuw*
I do think though, that the poor real estate agent was the one having the most stress!

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