Saturday, 15 September 2007

I see the light

After we got kids, our social life did take a bit of a plunge, to say it the least. We did see friends, go to and have dinners in the UK; but they were always planned around the kids - i.e started earlier and ended earlier etc...

I can now see the light again! I think our social life is about to return!!

Down here, there is a very big expat community, and social life is very important. I have come to understand only in these few weeks I have spent here already, that you can be exactly as busy as you want to be. There is always things to do, people to see, functions to go to and so on.
It's great!!!

Today, we asked our part-time amah to babysit for us, while we went out for dinner with six other couples at a very nice restaurant not far from here. Not only was the company absolutely great ( I love the mix of people here, we were Swedes, Kiwis, British and a German!) and the food totally yummy (and cheap, only $50 per couple!) - but everything had gone so well back at the house. Something that makes time-alone-deprived parents very happy to hear!

So, this was the first (of I hope many, many) night out, and it feels suuuper!

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