Thursday, 6 September 2007

Todays big hourray!

My friend Anna (who I knew already from Horsham) came by with some information folders and little booklets today, all about Brunei and what you can do and see here.

In one of them I found a small add for a... SCRAPBOOKSHOP! Yay - I couldn't believe my eyes! Googled to see if they had a homepage, and bingo - found their blog; it seems to be a pretty big shop with all the latest stuff. So happy!

Now, I only need to get there, soon - and browse! (Hopefully Nathan can take me there tomorrow!)

The dream would be eventually, to get a job in there, in the shop, as a designer or maybe a teacher for their crops and courses... *dreaming*...

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annakey said...

Lucky you. What's the chance of that? If there is a market for scrapbooks there maybe you should start your own business or web site!! Something to think about when you are sitting on the beach with a Pina Colada!!!!!!! Only Joking. I'm just jealous of being somewhere hot and nice! Mind you, the weather in Horsham today is looking good. Speak soon.