Saturday, 1 September 2007

Not a good start...

Welcome everybody to our new blog - about our new life, in Brunei!

The kids and I aren't really off to a good start. We should have been not very long from landing in Brunei by now, but instead we are at the moment in a hotel at Heathrow, awaiting further info...

It all went so good this morning, and we each got a nice buisness class seat. Then, just after take-off, we all heard a very loud BANG, and before we knew it, we were on our way back to Heathrow, after just 15 minutes flight.
Apparently, something had fallen out of the motor, and a large flame blew out of it. The airport got completely closed to let us in and to clean the runway from the debris we had dropped. Fire services checked us over, and we got transported to a remote stand. It was completely undramatic though, no worries.

Then, after a long, long while - we had to disembark, go inside, get our luggage, make our way outside, get on some buses, and spend the rest of the day in a hotel. Phu.
So, thats where we are now. Just waiting.
They have said go to bed, there will be nothing more happening today anyway, so hopefully tomorrow morning we will know some more. At least maybe know kind of when, and not just have to spend another day in the hotel...

So, here we are - hopefully I will be back with better news tomorrow!
Once again, welcome!


Linda said...

Oh dear oh dear... I would´ve been Scared! Glad everything went well. Hope you have a nice flight back.Kram!

Anna Malaga said...

Brrrr...You´re lucky to have a lot of expirience in flying!
Hope you have a nice trip and Good Luck!!
I will follow you - big hug!

Matilda said...

Ojojoj,how dramatic!! I hope that you, by now know when and how you will continue.

Seatwave Sellers said...

Hopefully you now have gotten great news about being on the first flight out - in First Class! Fingers crossed. TTx