Saturday, 15 September 2007

The $6 dollar haircuts

The other day we went to the $4-man, to get the boys hair sorted. My oh my, was that an experience!

First I want to say, that our son is exeptionelly good at having his hair cut. He sits perfectly still, and does exactly as he is told (for a change). He was quite fascinated by the fact that he got to sit on big pillows, and be covered by a huge purple tent.

But then, the haircut... It was a proper barbers haircut, even for Lucas, where they first took the worst with a trimmer, then cut with the scissors and finished off around the edges with a razorblade! Then they got the thourough brushing, grooming and combing, the sweaping of the face, and even a hot towel to wipe away the hair bits with!
Nathans haircut got finished off with a bit of arm- and shouldermassage - all of this, for $6 (€2.90/21DKK/27SEK/£2), for the both of them!!

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