Wednesday, 19 September 2007

About school

Lucas seems to be pretty happy with school so far, which is super! He has got a few new friends and some favorite things to do, and he always has a lot to tell us when we pick him up which is really exciting!

I must say I'm pretty impressed with the school too. When we came on Monday, for his first day, one of the teachers had made a little paper for herself and her fellow colleagues (there are four of them, for currently 19 kids), with Swedish words on it! They really did their best to try and count, and said hello and goodbye in Swedish! So nice! I mean, they didn't have to - he is bilingual after all, but still, it was a nice effort and made me very happy!

Every day the kids are incredibly busy, and when we come to pick them up, there is always a notice on the whiteboard about what they have been up to during the day. Today f.e they had been out in the garden to look for "Froggys friends", they had collected flowers and made them into a collage, they had baked 'crunchy cakes' and they were all face painted like little cats!

I also found out yesterday, that JIS is actually the Royal school. The Sultan's son goes there, and arrives every morning with a loud engine roar in his special Royal Hummer... Very cool!!


NETTAN said...

Vad härligt att ni är så nöjda med skolan! Lucas ser ut som en stolt stor skolkille på bilderna - tänk vad de är stora... våra "bebisar".
Skoj att följa er på bloggen.

Nettan (kanada)

Joe said...

Såklart att man har barnen i The Royal School" :-)!