Wednesday, 5 September 2007

First day

Our first day have been quite upside down. Kids were up between 01.00-05.00 last night, and then we slept until 13.00... Had a big play this afternoon at their new friends Ben and Hannah's house, went to the supermarket tonight (a story for itself) and got some chinese yummy takeaway. Another big play with Daddy and now (midnight) they are in bed, hopefully for the night...

Have seen today just outside our house, a huge frog, a gekko and a bat - hm.. not sure if I like this wildlife, but as long as it stays at the friendly animals, it's ok.

Supermarket was suprisingly ok. Had most things and much, much more funny things I have no idea what was. Will have to go back some other day, on my own, and browse slowly! It did have a "naughty room" too - and it has nothing to do with sleazy movies or colourful magazines, but quite simply... pork! All the pork-products (and for some reason all the frozen pizzas?) were in there, and you had to pay for those things separatly, so that the people at the check-out didn't have to handle them.

Tomorrow Nathan is off, so I will send them all out of the house, and try to create some order! Maybe also go down to the pool for a little while.

Amah comes tomorrow too. Lovely! Nathas has arranged a part-time one that we share with some of the other pilot-families. She comes 3 times a week. She charges $7/hour. That is 32 SEK/25 DKK/€3.40 or £2.25 an hour. It's to overcome, really!

Another nice thing here is that they collect rubbish 3 times - a week! (In the UK, it was once a week, but shortly going to be only every fortnight!) Apparently, if you rent your own house and to arrange garbagecollection yourself, you can for a charge of $15 get it collected EVERY DAY! (We have it included here, where we live now of course).

So some things, are really good!!


Dina said...

Hehe just imagine all the UNfriendly creatures you'd get if they didn't collect the garbage every day...

Sounds like you're settling in well!

Mia said...

At least on that part we are both moving up in the world. Edinburgh has also garbage collection twice a week! :)