Monday, 17 September 2007

Today was the day

Today was the day, where we started our new life with getting up super early five days a week; preparing lunch boxes five days a week; driving to school twice a day five days a week; remembering which day we need to bring the swimming gear, the PE kit, the library bag...; continuing being so proud of our big little boy!

Lucas was so excited this morning, he could hardly wait to get to school. He wore his uniform with such pride, and carried his backpack and lunch bag all by himself.

He fitted right in, took part in all the activities and seemed to enjoy being amongst the other kids. I only stayed for half an hour! At pickup, they told me he had been just fine, and he had found himself another little friend who apparently is just as load as our boy...

Unfortunately, he came home with sore feet, from wearing his new school shoes all day, poor little man. Tomorrow they have PE, so he will be having his sneakers on, hope that will be better.

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