Friday, 21 September 2007

New link!

If you look down the right under 'links', I have just added a new one, called "Kindy Mouse".
That is Lucas' kindergarten group, and if you click on that one, you can see lots of pictures from Kindy! He doesn't appear in the two first sets, but you can spot him in 'Frog hunt'.

I don't mind that they put photos up on the internet of the kids, actually I think it is kind of nice to be able to see a bit what he is up to all this time he spends there.
But, it is funny though, how different it is from the UK, where we had to sign all sorts of papers to say it was ok for the nursery to take pictures of the kids; and where I wasn't even allowed to take a picture of Lucas and his friends when he left, only of his carers...

I like it though, they document a lot of what they do and that is really nice for us parents!

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Famiglia Teti said...

Kul! Var just inne och kollade! Kul att se vad det gör på ett dagis i Brunei! Wow, 200 besökare på bloggen!