Thursday, 13 September 2007

Another first, kind of

Today we went down to the Empire, to meet up with a Swedish girl I had been emailing with before getting here; we had lunch there together with her and her family.
It was a really great afternoon, the kids went swimming forever (and Linnea had another accident...*sigh*), it was super relaxing.

It was our first time down at the Empire, although we are planning to become members, which you need to be to come there (unless you are coming like we did today, as someones guest). The membership also allows you to play golf there, and use the gym - amongst other things.
Most people just come there and hang out; it is perfect for the kids, with a little lagoon, sandy beach, shallow water, turtle pool, kids club and more.

(We did stay at the Empire on our way to NZ in February, hence today was not the very first time)

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