Tuesday, 18 September 2007

House hunting Part 2

We have viewed quite a few houses recently, and one thing that is very different here compared to back home is that they don't look after their houses at all in between tenants.

What they do, is just let everything be, until they have found a new tenant; then they paint, redecorate, clean, sort out the garden etc etc.

This means, that when you go around to have a look at houses, they are empty - but in very poor condition most of the time. The gardens are overgrown, the houses are grotty and dirty; full of geecko pooh, dead bugs and other slimy things.
This can be quite hard to see past sometimes, you have to get used to using a great amount of imagination!

By the way, saw one today that was superb - just slightly too expensive and the location unfortunately wasn't perfect. Shame on a great house though. Gotta keep looking!

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Famiglia Teti said...

Låter inte lätt, lycka till att hitta något snart!