Friday, 7 September 2007


Today I went to my first coffeemorning! It was another of the RBA wives here in Rimba, who had invited a group of maybe 10 other women of mixed ages, to a coffeemorning.
It was nice, and everybody were really friendly - but most of them were slightly older than me. With that I mean, you kind of usually mix with people that have kids the same age or similar to yours, it makes everything easier.
Nice though to get greeted in this way!

This afternoon we went to see the house of one of old Nathans collegues from EZY, and after that we had a bit of thaifood, before we went in to one of the bigger departmentstores. A funny experience!
They kind of had everything (and a lot more) we are used to, but with an asian twist to it. Will try and sneak the camera in one day, so you can see some pics.

Tomorrow I am going to the mall - with or without Nathan!

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