Sunday, 9 September 2007

Meet the hacker!

I am actually very proud of myself having got this blog up and running in such a short time! *Pat on the back*
I've had to ask for help every now and then from my far more technically advanced cyber-friends, and from Nathan - but most of it I have managed to do by myself! It's actually quite easy nowadays, with codes ready to just cut-and-paste and loads of helpful info on the net.

Tonight I managed, after many hours, to get my visitors counter going *yay*, so I can keep an eye on you! ;)

Now I wonder, what else would you like to see on here?
As you have understood by now, this is not a super informative blog, it is more like a diary - but I thought, for those who wants more practical information about Brunei or southeast Asia, I can put it in the links for example. So what links would you like to see? What is missing?


Anna said...

vad duktig du är! jag måste ta tag i min blogg ngn vacker dag. //anna uk

Famiglia Teti said...

Den nya bloggen är superfin! Just att det är lite som en dagbok är extra kul!