Thursday, 6 September 2007


There is no shortage of storage in these houses. Quite a change from the UK houses too...

Every bedroom has an abundance of wardrobes - in Lucas room there are two double wardrobes, in Linneas two double AND a single one, and in ours two double plus an "open" one/shelf thingie in the middle.

Downstairs we have a huuuge understairs cupboard, a hallwardrobe that is like a small room (in UK that would be called a 4th bedroom ;)); and then of course we have the amah's quarters, where we have no amah living. It is a normal bedroom, that we use for storage instead. Plenty of room for all the empty boxes!

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annakey said...

You shoudn't have got rid of all your stuff in England! You just have to go and buy more things!
Hard life eh?