Sunday, 16 September 2007

Our friend the Superhero

One of the first days we were here, before we had really met anyone, the phone rang and the conversation that followed sounded something like this:
Nathan: -"Hello?"
(Someone on the phone apparently giving some good news)
Nathan (happily) -"Superduper!"
Lucas (looking at me with big eyes and excitement in his voice) -"Mamma, det är en suuuperhero on the phone!!" (= Mummy, it's a superhero on the phone)

It wasn't, it was Nathans collegue Will. But since then, he is known as nothing else than "Superhero Will" by Lucas, who is mighty impressed by him - although he did ask us today, why Superhero Will doesn't have a cape...

(We are happy that all we need for entertainment for Lucas' birthday in January, is to convince Will to come along in some superhero leotards and a cape, and Lucas will be in heaven!)

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