Sunday, 25 November 2007

Some photos from NZ

I'm sorry that I haven't been uploading so frequently while we have been down here in NZ. We have really been busy just relaxing, enjoying the family and the nice weather - outside!
Yes, even though we do live in eternal sunshine, it is not the same. Here the weather is like the most beautiful Swedish summer day, around 25-27 degrees. Nice and sunny, with the occasional breeze. Perfect weather for being outside and play, jump on the trampoline, play in the play house, go for walks, play at the playground, be on the boat etc. All the things it's too hot for in Brunei.
Of course, we have also done some shopping!! Had a few things on the list, which we can't get in Brunei. So we have been busy, busy, busy!

But here are a few pictures from the past week. The first one is from Raglan, where we went with the Parrotts, our Kiwi/Swe friends we stayed with in the beginning of the week. This is Liam, Lucas big mate. They are the same age, and great friends!

The other day we went to this lovely cafe called L'Arte, for lunch. It is like a coffee shop and gallery in one - they showcase lots of sculptures and art, and it's all for sale. Lovely surroundings to have your lunch in!
Linnea, eating a lollipop-stick.

Beautiful mosaics.


Today (Sunday) we had a whole day on the boat. Took it out just before lunchtime and went around to a little bay, and had picnic on the beach. Had a little sleep under the umbrella and an ice cream, fed the ducks and almost had a swim (it was too cold!). On the way home we did some fishing. No fish though. Boo-hoo.
Grandma and Linnea on the boat.

Mummy and Linnea on the boat.

Here is Daddy with his new toy, a wake board! Apparently a must living in Brunei, and now he has got his own, plus all the extra gear - so he will be ready for our return. Of course, he had to try it out here, and it looks good!

This is how you ski, on a calm lake, with the snow-topped mountains as a back drop!

Feeding the ducks.

The family on the beach, having picnic. Kinloch.


Famiglia Teti said...

Låter härligt och mysigt!
Kramar från Italien

Anna Malaga said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday. Beuatiful photos and what a good-lookning grandma!

Anna said...

That looks great Boel. Glad you are having a good time.