Saturday, 10 November 2007

Playing outside

As we live in a complex that is gated, the "street" is a really safe place for the kids to play here. No one ever drives at any speed here.
Usually in the afternoons, all the kids from the complex come outside and play tag, go on discovery walks and ride around on their bikes and scooters. They have great fun!

Here is Lucas on his bike he got from Granddad and Grandma for his 3rd birthday. It has finally reached us, via Seoul and Singapore...

This is Bon, who has been living just next door, and also has been going to Lucas Kindy. They have been the best of pals, and have been playing almost every day - so it was a sad day yesterday, because Bon moved away. His family is going to Macau where his Dad is starting a new job. Good Luck in your new home!

Here is Linnea and Scarlett, another one of our neighbors. It is so great with all these kids around us!

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Mia said...

How nice with lots of children around. We don't have any, but we are going to gain access to a private garden/park just across the street and hopefully they will meet some friends.

It sounds lovely with all the children playing outside in the afternoon.