Thursday, 29 November 2007

Bonus pics from NZ

As promised, here are some more photos from our trip. This first one is from the small town (can't remember the name) closest to the Parrott family. We stopped there on the way out into "the sticks", because there was a circus! The kids got to visit the elephant and the little ponies!

Here is Lucas and Liam, on their way to feed the horses with some carrotts:

Linnea with their horses, carrying her Dora-bag, that has come with us everywhere this trip:

Selfportrait, taken at the house with the view of Lake Taupo in the background:

Grandma and Linnea singing in the kitchen:

Linnea was totally smitten by Kiwi, she kept patting him every time she passed him, giving him kisses and cuddles - and Kiwi was so patient. Good dog!

And, one last comment about McDonalds in NZ - look at this McDo restaurant!! You sit and eat IN the airplane!!! Isn't that just so cool?

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Mia said...

Lovely pictures, it must be amazing to live on a farm like your friends do! We would love that McDonalds. :)

I can also see that your fitness regime is too doing what it should, you look fantastic!

Have a good day.