Saturday, 15 November 2008

The perfect gift

While my parents were here, we took over 1000 pictures all together. That's a lot. Personally I delete a lot of photos already when I transfer them from my card to the computer, then another lot after going through them carefully. I only keep the really good ones, worth showing or printing.
I know my parents have a hard time deleting any photos, so they always have far too many when it's time to show someone...

So, when they had left, I made a photo book for them and had it sent straight to Sweden.
Lots of companies do these over the internet, it's really easy. I have found a favourite in Snapfish, I have used them before and they are really good quality and has quick service. (They have pages in lots of countries).
I made a book with all the favourite photos from their visit here, it took about 175 photos and 74 pages to showcase everything they had been up to. It's great because you can choose your own layouts and backgrounds and really influence the finished look of your book.

I'm proud to say it turned out really great, I was very pleased! Now they can bring that along to their family and friends, and it's easy to show off the photos!

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