Thursday, 27 November 2008

Festival du Film Francais

Tonight I have been taking part in the big opening of the French Film Festival at the fancy Empire hotel. My friend (who's husband works for the French company Total) had been invited, and since her husband couldn't go - she asked me along instead. Not really having a big connection to France at the moment, but at least, I do speak French!

It's quite funny to be living in Brunei, because in any other place, you would just not be hanging in those circles and be invited to these kind of things. But since Brunei is so small, there I was tonight - talking to the head of Alliance Francaise, the CEO of Total and the French Ambassador, amongst others.
We were treated to a lovely buffet, and then we saw the movie "Serko", which was quite nice. More Russian than French (...) but with a lovely story and fantastic scenery.

The festival is showing French movies for free all weekend, so I will try and see if I can catch another one.

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