Friday, 28 November 2008

Christmas Party at the Yacht Club

The Yacht Club arrange a Christmas Party for the kids every year around this time, before every one starts shooting off for the holidays.
Last year we missed it because we were in NZ, so today was a first for us. We had heard it's usually chaos, and yes, this year was no exception, haha... Over 100 kids and their parents had gathered, there was a big bouncy castle and the usual things up at the Yacht Club. I managed to convince the kids not to swim (I was on my own with them) because there was dinner coming, and - Santa, of course!

Santa came sailing in on his boat (we have very strange Santas in this country, last week on a bike, this week on a boat...), together with his elf - and went to sit in the YC library.
The kids were then allowed in to see him in groups, first the 1 & 2-year olds, then the 3 & 4 year olds etc. Lucky for us, we didn't have to wait too long!

All the parents had brought presents themselves, for their own kids, and named them clearly. Santa read out the names and the kids could get up and receive their gift. Linnea was far too shy (scared?) to get it herself, but Lucas happily got his and even posed with Santa for a photo.

They also had an orchestra and a choir who sang Christmas Carols, there was ice cream for the kids and Mince Pies for the adults - and yes, we managed to get some Christmas feeling, just a little bit, but it was there!

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