Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Forfilling a goal

For a long, long time (ever since I got my first analog SLR camera back in 1995) I have been wanting to do a photography course, to learn more about all the different settings on the camera.
Until now, I have used the "idiot proof" green square, the fully automatic setting almost every time.

That is all going to change now! I have got the best Christmas present (in advance) from my parents, a place on an internet based photography course, that I will be following for the next couple of months.

It's held by one of my scrapbooking icons WoopsieDaisy, who is not only a superb scrapper but also photographer by trade, and she knows her way around Photoshop like no one else!
I'm really looking forward to this course and I hope it will get me to know my camera inside and out and make me a better photographer.

I have started a blog, just for all the photos I will be practicing on. If you are curious check it out here (I have also added it as a link in my link list).

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