Monday, 3 November 2008

Mixed feelings

Today is my parents last day with us (this time), and we were talking today about how time has flown by while they have been here. Well, at least, that's how it feels on one hand, on the other we have really done so much these last few weeks, and it feels like forever since they arrived!

At least they say that they are very happy with their stay, and feel that they have covered so much and really experienced a lot. So that's good, I must have done a good job! Once a tour guide always a tour guide, haha!
There are still a few things we will do next time they come - but of course, the main reason they are here is also just to hang with us, see our life, and play and spend lots of time with the kids.

It's really been great finally having some guests in our home; and also to see Brunei with some fresh eyes again. My parents had never been this far away, never been to Asia before they came - so they have really been on an adventure! And it's been nice for them to see where we live, and how our normal everyday looks like - now it will be easier for them to understand when we skype together etc, what we are up to.

Three weeks is a long time though, together with anyone, and it's also going to be nice to get back into normal routines again and have some time, just for me..!
Of course it's going to be really sad to say goodbye too, especially since I haven't planned my next trip home yet, and for different reasons that might not be until summertime - which is really a long time away...

We are off tomorrow to finish our time together with a few days in Singapore. We are flying out early in the morning and I wont be blogging for a few days - so see you later!

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Familjen i Rom said...

Trevlig resa! Jag har ett halvskrivet mejl till dig, det kommer väl väg i veckan förhoppningsvis! Kram