Thursday, 20 November 2008

Founders Day Hash

On Tuesday, we had a very special hash. It was Founders Day - the day we say goodbye to the old committee and wrap up the hash year, and say hello to a new committee and start a new hash year.

We had a run up at the Yacht Club, and then we all got changed and there was a big buffet dinner, a DJ playing music, and a big party.
Since it was also hash nr 2100 - the theme was "Hashing in the future", and most people came dressed according to the theme, futuristic and spacey. There was space themed cocktails and a space quiz and all the decorations were space themed as well. As usual, I was amazed at what lengths some people had gone to with their outfits! There were some absolutely incredible creations, very impressive!

At the down-down, there was awards for different happenings over the year, the committee did a little sketch and sang a song, we had some new members and a birthday - and then we danced the night away!

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