Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Very proud parents

I remember my "kvartsamtal" (=parent-teacher consultation) vividly from when I was a child. My parents were always told in every consultation without failure, that I was a very bright child but I needed to slow down, cause I was doing to many mistakes due to carelessness.
I had started school a year earlier than everybody else though, because I could read and write very early. I must say I did manage to keep up pretty well all through my schooling and always got good grades. I was a bit of a geek though, who always did my homework, and really liked school. (You wouldn't believe that now, since my education ground into a halt ages ago...)

The other day, we went for parent-teacher consultations for both our kids. (Lots of grown-up points!)
Linnea's teacher didn't really have much to say, obviously it's not about any big academic issues at her age. She really loves coming to school, she thrives and enjoys everything they do. She seems to play with most of the other kids and apparently is often the leader of the games (...); and can be a bit possessive of "her" Daniel if someone else tries to play with him! :)
She likes the "small play", getting messy and she shows early signs of literacy, likes to pretend read and write.

Lucas' teacher also told us that he seems to like school a lot, he enjoys playing with his friends and being silly - but he is also able to concentrate on the school work when needed. He has cracked the code of their Jolly Phonics, and is apparently "quick as a flash" when it comes to the blending of the sounds, and the reading.

So, it was all well and good! We are happy as long as the kids are happy at school; if they do well, that is just a plus and we do hope that they will keep being motivated enough to enjoy school just at much in the future as they seem to do now.

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Cissi said...

Vad kul!! Visst är det konstigt att vara på kvartssamtal? hihi Jag väntar ivrigt på Julians samtal i november ;)