Thursday, 30 October 2008

School excursion to Bukit Shabandar

The kids in Lucas' year group went on a school excursion this morning, to the recreational park Bukit Shabandar (where I normally do my exercise runs) to have a look at the jungle and the flora and fauna there.

We tagged along, I like these excursions and to see the kids in a different environment. They always behave so well, it's so nice to see!

Today we took the walk around the lake, and the kids looked for different animals and fish; they listened to the sounds of the jungle - and we were even lucky enough to see a turtle in the lake!

While the kids had their morning snack, Mum and I hiked up to the top of the first hill (out of the nine!) to catch some of the nice views. It was hard work because it was really hot by now, but we got up -

- and down!

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