Sunday, 12 October 2008

A nite at the Playboy Mansion

Yesterday it was time for one of the more anticipated parties for a long time here in Brunei, the "Nite at the Playboy Mansion"-themed 40th celebration for our friend Dave.

The invitations had been out for a while, so people would have the chance to get their outfits together in time. A lot of the expats here really enjoy dressing up and putting on costumes, we have seen some pretty amazing stuff in the past! Like every time there is a theme party, there has been a lot of hush-hush about what everybody was going to wear, so the suspense was huge yesterday.
In a way, the theme was pretty broad - you could of course do the bunny or the Hef-thing, or you could just go as you would if you were actually to ever be invited to the Mansion, in your best dress etc.
I went for the latter option, although I had chosen a slightly more skimpy dress than I probably would normally wear. Of course, some really went all the way which was great fun, and everyone looked fabulous - it was a very glam atmosphere!

Dave sure got a birthday party to remember - the party was fab! His wife had gone all the way to organize everything, and had paid great attention to detail - there was welcome drinks galore (served by bunnies, of course), lush buffet dinner (with pavlova for dessert, yum!), great music, nicely done decorations (all according to the theme) and at midnight there was cake and a huge firework display!
After that, it kind of all went... wet. The hardcore group of people who were still going strong at this point, all ended up in the pool - some still with their clothes on, some without... But, what would a party at the Playboy Mansion be without a dip in the pool, huh?

I took hundreds of pictures (I was one of the three appointed "official" photographers), but the other ladies are so much more clever, they must have got a lot better photos than I did.
Until I get their photos, here is but a few of mine:

One of my friends, who's husband had to work and missed the party, told me that he had said "Bugger! It's so annoying I have to work! This party would be SO my thing!" - and we all said: Ahm yes - this party would be ANY man's thing, wouldn't it..? ;)

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Ed,Kat,Elinor and Eoin Kyle said...

You Rock am so going to steal the slide show idea!!! You take great photos. Smiles Kat