Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Lucas ready for Hari Raya

Ok, in Reception they didn't celebrate Hari Raya until today. But the well prepared mother had already bought an outfit ages ago (at the same time I got the Chinese outfit...) so we were ready!
He looked like a proper little prince when he set off for school this morning:

With some of his friends, Daniel & Hannah:

After school he had to come with me to do the groceries. He actually didn't mind, but I still told him he could spend his $2 that the Tooth Fairy had given him. We went through and did the food shopping first, and then he was allowed to go into the little shop outside and choose something.
It was a bit tricky, $2 doesn't really get you far - but he asked nicely how much everything was and had a good look around, before he decided on, a green pen:

The pen was $1 and first he decided to save the other dollar, but on the way out we passed the delicacy counter, and he saw their chocolates... So he had another thought, and asked if he could get some chocolates... Sure he could. So, all in all, he got a nice, new pen - and two delicacy chocolates (and a tooth brush) from the Tooth Fairy, not bad!

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