Friday, 19 September 2008

World Peace Day

This Sunday, the 21st of September, it's International World Peace Day - so today they celebrated Peace Day at school.

It was casual clothes day, so the kids were allowed to wear their own clothes - as long as they were in peaceful colours (i.e no Spiderman t-shirts etc...). White of course should have been the obvious choice, but not so practical on the young ones... Instead I put them in calm blues and browns. I did spot a few cool hippies though, with peace symbols on their cheeks!
For this, they contributed (voluntarily) $1 each, that will get put together and sent off to a landmine charity in Cambodia.

The older kids have sold the white "Peace ribbons" around school all week. In Kindy they have been creating beautiful pinwheels, as part of an international project "Pinwheels for Peace"; and in Reception they have each made a felt hand print - to be put together to make a Peace banner.

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