Thursday, 18 September 2008


Now that Lucas is in Reception, he is supposed to go to After School Activities (ASA) at least once a week. At least, that's how they worded the information that came out in the beginning of the term. They can choose from a long list of things, from rugby and cooking to gymnastics and ECOclub; and everything in between.
First I wasn't going to sign him up for anything, cause I think his days are long enough; but then I heard all the other boys in his gang were going to do this one ASA on Wednesday afternoons, so I signed him up too for:
"Bugs and Microscopes"!

Colouring in bugs, waiting for his turn at the microscope:

I thought that it could be nice for them to do this ASA together, since they are in different classes all of them this year. They don't see much of each other. Yesterday was Lucas' first time (since last week I had to come and pick him up early because of his hurt foot) and he seemed to think this was pretty cool!

-"Look!!! They are REALLY BIG!!"

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