Tuesday, 2 September 2008

First homework

Today has been a day off from school, since it's the first day of Ramadan here in Brunei. We have been a little bit busy with school things anyway, cause Lucas actually had some homework to do!

Throughout Reception the kids will be taking part in the Jolly Phonics, a British phonics program designed to learn children how to read. They each have got a "Sound Book", that will contain all the sounds they will be going through and they will be learning one new sound a day.

Monday's sound was 's', and we spent some time today revising that sound. We had to look through magazines to try and find things that started with 's', cut them out and glue them into the Sound Book.

Lucas found some 'sko' (=shoes, so we wrote down 'sneakers' to get the right sound), sunglasses, sandals and a sun. Please note he wrote the word 'sun' all by himself! Even in Swedish, 'sol'! Go Lucas!

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Anna said...

I mina barns skola använder de sig av jolly phonics. det finns en dvd man kan köpa om man tycker att det skulle vara skoj. anna uk