Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Swedish Hash

Today was the day that Anna and I had our Hash.
It must have been the most well-reckied hash in a long time, because not only did we reckie it two weeks ago and last week - we did it again last night too! We had heard that the mens hash was going to be on the same site tomorrow, so we were worried they had touched our paper.
They hadn't though, so we did yesterday completely in vain (but good exercise!).

Today was a busy day, because Nathan was working I had to do all the school runs myself, organize the food for tonight, fix the last little things and then of course LAY the run this afternoon with Anna.
The thing is, the horn goes off for the run at 17.15 and most people are on site up to half an hour or even more before. If they see a hare then, that's a hashitalbe (hashit=hash punishment, mostly a bucket of cold water) offense. So, if you lay it in the afternoon just before the hash starts, you better make sure you are done, out of the jungle and away before the first hens start to turn up. We were under time pressure, but we were done in two hours (at 16.00) - so we were good!

Here I am in action:

Can you see the trail of paper?

Then home for a shower, and back to site to welcome the hashers once they got out of the jungle. We had time to get a little bit worried though, cause some of the hens who only walked to first check and back said that the paper went in both directions at one stage, and people had been confused. Oh no!
But promptly about an hour after start, the first hashers started showing up, the right way, and we could breathe again! Actually, the whole pack kind of came out at about the same time, which is exactly what you want - keep everybody together (that's why we have the checks etc). So we were pleased!

First hashers out, discussing the run:

After the usual on-on with shout-ups, announcements and awards, it was time for us to serve up our food; all to the tunes of ABBA from the portable CD-player we had brought.
We had opted for baked potatoes, Anna had made a chili and I had made my (actually my mother-in-law's) famous spinach dip. We had Swedish Daim chocolates for dessert, and oh - we had Swedish Absolut Vodka as well, of course, as a pick-me-up after the run!

It all seemed to go down very nicely, the pots were licked until the last drop and the bread all broken up and gone until the last crumb, as usual!

Yes, we were pretty pleased with our efforts - it was a very good hash tonight!

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Scrapper-holic said...

Well done on your first hash!! I'm loving ABBA again after watching Mamma Mia and have been listening to the musical soundtrack ever since.