Sunday, 7 September 2008

Expat parties

I was talking a bit today with some of the other party participants, about birthday parties here and back at home. It seems to be a bit different in every country of course, but one thing we agreed on was that back home (wherever that is) they are generally smaller than here!

Today's party was no exception, it was huge, they were expecting about 100 people! It was great fun!

There was kids and parents absolutely everywhere. They had not one, but two bouncy castles, one normal, and one "wet":

Lucas really liked the slide, and I couldn't get him off it for the whole afternoon. He only took a break for having a piece of cake, then he was back on it again! He had an absolute blast!

Linnea was more happy paddling around in their pool:

I think (and this is the conclusion we came to today), that the reason parties tend to get so big out here, is that none of us have our families around. So our friends will replace family. Sometimes you will invite certain kids because you are friends with their parents; then your kids invite all their school mates - and if you invite this friend, you have to invite that one and leave no one out etc.
Also, at this age (the girls today turned 5 and 7) you can't just let the parents drop off their kids, especially not at a "wet" party - so you have to count and cater for the parents as well. Numbers get high very quickly.

Linnea's birthday is coming up next month, and I have realized I have to start planning it soon to be on top of things! Hmmm, better find out where they rented that water-slide-bouncy-thing...


Kattis said...

Oj vilka jättekalas. Jag som tycker att Moa har många klasskompisar 27 st och funderar på om hon ska bjuda alla när hon fyller år. Är det inte lätt hänt att man försöker överträffa varandra i att ordna det största och bästa kalaset?

Tips på presenter som kan passa både tjejer och killar: såpbubblor, lera, pussel, pyssel, böcker, roliga pennor, tatueringar, klistermärken.

WatsonBrunei said...

Nej faktiskt, så upplevde jag det i UK, men inte här, alls. Det är inte alls pretentiöst eller tävlings-artat. Det finns inte så mycket att hitta på här, så de flesta kalas liknar varandra! :D