Sunday, 7 September 2008

Is this how it's going to be?

The reality of having two kids in school has hit hard already. We started out already last weekend with the first birthday party of the year; this weekend we had one yesterday, one today and even one tomorrow Monday! Next weekend there is yet another one...

Gosh, I do nothing but run around and buy birthday presents and try to get time (so far with no luck) to scrap birthday cards! Also I have to organize costumes - cause most of these parties have themes to them. At this stage the most popular theme is still Superheroes though, which is good, cause Lucas always wants to wear either his Batman or Spiderman costume anyway, no matter the theme!

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I'm trying to find "the perfect birthday present", that will suit every body and I can stock up with for all the birthday parties to come. A fail safe gift that works for boy or girl - any ideas?

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