Sunday, 28 September 2008

I'm the Word Bird!

I have recently taken on a new little assignment. From now on I'm the editor of the Hash Words! (The Hash Words is the newsletter that is distributed at the Hash each week.)
It took me all evening yesterday, and most of today to set up a template, since I had to start from scratch. The lady who used to do it before me used Publisher, but that program isn't compatible with the MAC, so I had to get Pages. Now that it's done though, I can just change it accordingly every week and add the accurate information.

The Words are supposed to consist of any admin information about the Hash and the hashers. Also every week there is a written report about last week's run, but it's written by the hares, so I don't have to actually write it myself, just copy-and-paste!

After all the mandatory info is in, I can fill the newsletter out with jokes, stories, photos and other interesting things, as I please! So if you have any - send them on to me!
This might be a pretty fun job! On-on!

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