Wednesday, 3 September 2008

No stress

Brunei is a lovely place to be, for many reasons. Since I got back from our Europe-trip, I have noticed that I enjoy one of those reasons a little bit extra: there is no stress here.

I mean that in the sense of, no overall stress, life here generally has a lower pulse than back home.

Being in Denmark and Sweden, even though I was there on holiday, made me feel stressed - because everybody else was. Walking on the streets you could feel everybody's inner stress, it kind of vibrated out through their whole beings.
They were walking fast, always trying to get past you on the sidewalk, always pushing to get first in the queues, never taking time to hold the doors after themselves or lend a hand to someone who might need help; talking fast, not paying attention, not really caring, definitely not small-talking; in general everybody lived their life in the fast lane, always on the go.

Back home, there is also the ever present pressure that you need to BE someone, preferably through your work, have an identity. You need to (as a women) be a good mother and wife and at the same time you should have this fantastic job, amazing social life, creative hobbies and don't forget time to go away on fabulous holidays... No wonder people get stressed!!!

We all have busy everyday lives here as well, with school runs (3 times a day!), work, house chores and other things; but - I don't feel any stress, at all. I never really see anyone else being in a hurry or stressing either.
People just get on with life, and remember to take time to enjoy it along the way. It's kind of nice.

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Cissi said...

gud det låter härligt! Jag är jämt stressad och jag blir så irriterad på mig själv att jag är det. Jag känner väl igen pressen du pratar om att vara en bra mamma/kvinna. Man ska gärna ha karriär, vara snygg och smal, baka 7 sorters kakor, ha rent och fint hemma, ha välskötta barn som man leker med så fort de är vakna. Det funkar liksom inte. Jag vet att jag måste släppa stressen själv men det är inte lätt när resten av samhället är så stressad. Jag tror jag flyttar till Brunei istället ;)