Monday, 15 September 2008

Brunei Street Directory

At the end of last month, they launched a new Street Directory here in Brunei. You might not think that's news worth a whole blog post, but it really is! Consider this: it's only the 2nd ever Street Directory published in this country - and the last one came out 12 years ago!

It really would have been nice when we first got here, to have an up-to-date directory, but we learned our ways around the hard way!
This new directory is really accurate, and it shows of course a big development of the country since the last edition!

It's a 144-page book filled not only with maps, but also information for tourists who wish to travel around Brunei, such as a profile of the country, places of interest, tourist attractions, locations of hotels, shopping complexes etc. Actually it's quite a good read as a bonus to the maps!

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