Monday, 22 September 2008

The meat dealer

Today I got introduced to "the meat shop" for the first time. I have been wanting to go for a long time, and today it finally happened. The things is, you have to get someone to show you where it is, since it doesn't look like your regular shop, and Anna took me today. This is how it looks like on the outside:

Apparently, it's some sort of wholesale. When you get in, it doesn't look like a shop at all, but more like an office, with four ladies behind each their desk. You "order" things from a little plastic book that has lists of all the different kind of meat, fish and cheese they supply. The lady then puts on a hard hat (?) and goes out the back, and comes back with all your meat on a trolley and loads it into your car.

It almost feels a bit like you are dealing with illegal goods, which is not at all the case of course! It's just that you have to buy quite big quantities, so lucky we have a big freezer. It's a LOT cheaper than at the supermarket, so well worth the extra trip. For example, the cheddar cheese it $9/kilo there, at the supermarket it's $16/kilo! Only thing is, you have to buy it in a 5 kg chunk..! But considering we are both Swedes, we will share it and get through it in no time!

Today I got 8 nicely sized lamb chops, 600 gr of lamb fillet, 1 kg mince, 800 gr chicken breast and 1 kg of tiger prawns - and it cost me $49 in total! (=176DKK, 226SEK, €23, £18)


Anki72 said...

Kan du exportera lite hem till mig också? Det lät verkligen som ett kap. :)

amelia said...

Jag såg din kommentar ang brownies receptet. Det ska vara deciliter. Fast jag hade skrivit att det ska vara kakao, men vi tog faktiskt hälften kakao, hälften oboy. Jag har ändrat det i receptet.

Luxlatte said...

Du har en utmaning på min blogg. Kram från Lux

Scrapper-holic said...

Hiya - told my mum bout this place and she's interested in going. Do u by any chance have the address? Is it along Jalan Muara?