Thursday, 4 September 2008

Sweden presentation

At the beginning of term, Anna and I were asked by the Swedish Consulate if we might be interested in doing a presentation about Sweden at one of the Montessori Pre-Schools here. Apparently they are having Europe as a theme this term, and for some reason they had chosen Sweden as their main feature.
We said yes, of course, and prepared a very basic presentation about Sweden, since the kids were quite young.

Today we went there and did it twice, once for the morning kids and once for the afternoon kids. We told them about our King and Queen, about how cold it gets, about ABBA and the ice hotel; and that we have reindeers, bears and moose in Sweden. We told them how to say "Hej" (=Hello) and "Hejdå" (=Goodbye) and gave them each a little Swedish flag and a Daim-chocolate (Swedish candy).

It was a success, but I think next time it would be nice if our audience were slightly older, the attention span didn't quite last the whole 20 minutes... :)

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Anki72 said...

Guuuud så snygg du är med horn i pannan! :)