Saturday, 20 September 2008


Finally, after months and months of waiting and waiting (for people to build, mount and fix "stuff") - we were all out on OUR boat today, for the first trip with both the families! (We co-own it with another NZ family).
Only for about half an hour (cause there was still some kind of engine-issue...), but we got out, and it was absolutely lovely!

Proud boat owners:

Linnea, Ben, Hannah and Lucas:

Speeding up a little:

Waiting for the trailer, to get towed out of the water:

I am now looking forward to many great weekends of boating, getting around out at sea and discover the islands and other surroundings off our coast; having picnics on remote beaches, go bisquiting and just have fun! Ahoy, ahoy!


Mia said...

How wonderful!!! Don't forget to bring the camera som we can join in remotely on your exciting excursions!

Have a great weekend!

amelia said...


Jag har lämnat en liten utmaning åt dig på min blogg :)