Friday, 5 September 2008

Fina grejer det där med tjejer!

When I was born, my parents got a telex saying "Fina grejer det där med tjejer!" (=Girls are good stuff [freely]) I remember, cause it's glued into my baby book.
Lately, two of my very best friends in the UK have had baby girls - a little Savannah was born in July and a Maya just a couple of weeks ago in August. My kids have always been surrounded by a lot of other little boys, but now there are some new chicks on the block!

My Danish friend Anne here in Brunei, is also pregnant, with nr 3 (she has two boys already) - and today at the scanning she found out that this time they are having a girl! They were so excited!
I am very happy for them too, Fina grejer det där med tjejer! - and now I will have someone to hand all Linnea's pretty clothes down to!

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