Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Cosier and cosier

Today we went to Carpet Palace, to get some carpets for our empty floors. We got a small blue one for the hallway, a big blue one that at the moment lies sort of in the middle of the floor but later will be laying in front of the bar; and a beige-y one for under the coffee table.

And one...two...three - it looks and feels cosier and more homely straight away!


Mia said...

Very nice!! I finally have my charger for my camera, so I can take a photo, but now I have removal boxes absolutely everywhere... :)

Love you to your house updates. Love you sofas!

Familjen i Rom said...

Har varit dålig på att höra av mig med kommentarer och mejl, men snart dimper det nog ner en mejl! Tack för kommentaren, jag hoppas jag lyckas blogga lite mer nu! Följer dig varje dag - det är så kul att läsa allt!!!