Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Ramadan and traffic

I wrote in a previous post that the celebration of Ramadan doesn't affect us expats much, but I was wrong. It could affect us quite badly if we are unlucky, cause at the moment the traffic situation is even worse than normal.

Our way home from school is a two-laned motorway which is mostly just straight along the coast, for kilometers on end. Still, both yesterday and today we passed accident scenes on our way home. Both times it seemed like it was single car accidents, where the drivers had simply swiveled into the hard shoulder or smashed up their car against the lane divider in the middle.

Traffic accidents might be everyday happenings where you are (f.e driving along M25, you always saw one) but this was actually the first ones I have witnessed here since we have been here! And - my theory is we can blame them on the Ramadan and the lack of energy everybody must be feeling now, with only one week to go.
Nobody seemed to have been seriously hurt though in these incidents, luckily, and let's just hope we all get through this Ramadan period without any other more serious accidents.

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