Thursday, 25 September 2008

Keeping it cool

Even though it's easy here to go and have a swim, we are very close to the Yacht Club, and not really far from the Empire Countryclub either (nowhere is actually far away in Brunei, at the most 20-25 minutes to anything!) - it's nice sometimes to just stay at home and relax in the afternoons. The schooldays are long enough as they are, so most days I prefer not to drag the kids off anywhere, but just be at home.

We have contemplated to get a pool similar to the one we had in the UK. Here we are, summer of 2006:

A few people have this kind here, they have bought them while nightstopping in Oz or NZ and then brought them back over.
We would probably go for at least a 12ft big one though, or even 15ft, if we decide to get one.
Until then, we have a little paddling pool the kids use to cool off some days, even though what they mostly do, is just hose each other (and everything else nearby) down with the water hose! That's great fun!

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