Thursday, 4 September 2008

More perks with Brunei

Before you start saying "We do have good things here too!", I would like to start by saying, yes - obviously, every place has it's perks and advantages, some more than others, and all depending on what's important to you and what you prioritize.

But, it's all about remembering to appreciate those advantages. Sometimes when you are around or in the middle of something all the time, you don't see them or think about them. (I miss the big selection of different foods in the supermarkets f.e, the Swedish TV, the nature and the fresh, cool air among other things).
Also, there will be some things in your life that you can't change, even though you might want to (like the weather, can't do much about that!) - so you will just have to deal with it, best you can. But just because you might not have a choice about those certain things, there still might be another place where those things are not an issue!

Denmark and Sweden has a lot of perks, but the weather sure isn't one of them. Scandinavian summer is the loveliest time, but unfortunately, it's also very short. Summer is already over by now back home, a short but glorious one (we timed it right on the good weeks, so we were lucky!) this year. Yes, there might still be a few beautiful days left, but they will be easily counted.

I find it a challenge how to dress every time I'm back home, even in the summer. You never know if the sun that is out in the morning will still be there by the afternoon, will you be ok in your shorts all day, or will you need to bring a pair of jeans for later? If you put the jeans on already now, will you be too hot? Is a short-sleeved t-shirt ok, or should you put on a long-sleeved one? Will we be needing a fleece, or maybe a rain jacket, how many layers of clothing..?
It goes on and on. Even in the summer, if you will be out all day, you better be on the safe side and just pack a little bit of everything to bring in a backpack; and that's really annoying.

Here, you get up, dress in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, or a dress/skirt - and you are done! Every day. All year around. No thinking. Easy life.

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