Monday, 1 September 2008

The office

The carpenter was here yesterday and fixed Nathan's desk, that by some strange mistake (mine apparently) had been made far too short. Now, it's a proper corner desk and the office is really starting to look good.
I thought I would show you some pictures, although it's not all quite done yet. Some of the pictures are up, and most of the cables are hidden away under the desk. We are still waiting for three Helmer (from IKEA of course, what else?) drawer units in white - to keep all our little office things, cables and technical toys in. They should be coming in a months time, so until then we have to live with the mess...

This is my scrapbooking desk, its over 2 m long, it's fantastic!

I had it made in a height so I can stand up and scrapbook cause I really like that. But I did buy a bar stool, so I have the option to sit. I tend to sit if I'm on the computer, but stand when I'm busy creating something. The art print is going up on the wall tomorrow (I hope). It's bought from this web shop, she has a lot of lovely things!
I keep most of my tools and scrapbook supplies in the shelf on the desk, but also some in a big black bookshelf you can't see on this photo, it's on the opposite wall; and my papers are stored in the IKEA file unit under the desk. It works brilliantly! I'm very, very happy with it!

Here is Nathan's corner of the office:

He has the big corner desk. It's not all sorted yet, most of his stuff will go in the Helmer units. It's really quite nice to be able to sit and work together; and since the office is just next to the play room, we can keep an eye on the kids too!

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Mia said...

Very nice!! And not at all what I would call "mess"!! *gulp*