Friday, 5 September 2008

Dedicated school mum

This year I got persuaded to take part in the school's Parent-Liason-Group (PLG) as a parent coordinator.
As one other mum already had offered to be the coordinator for the Reception year group, I became the PLG coordinator for the Nursery class (Linneas class).

The PLG is mainly there to put parents in contact with each other, welcome newcomers to the school and also provide an informal infrastructure at the school.
Today we had our first meeting of the year where we discussed some of the future events this term.

It feels good to take part and be active at the kids school! I'm actually really happy I said yes to this commitment!

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Cissi said...

Visst är det kul?? Jag är också glad att jag får hjälpa till så pass mycket i Julians skola.