Friday, 12 September 2008

The Harvest Moon Festival

"The Harvest Moon Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar (the exact date in the Western calendar changes yearly, but this year it falls on the 14th of September). On this day, the Chinese community all over the world celebrate by gathering with their loved ones, to enjoy the full moon, a symbol of promise for abundance, harmony and luck.
This festival is also known as the Moon Cake festival because of a special kind of sweet cake prepared in the shape of the moon and filled with different sweet fillings." (Taken from the school information sheet)

The children in school have been participating in the celebration of this festival this week through a variety of activities. They have been going to school in Chinese clothing, Linnea yesterday, and Lucas today (here is how he looked last year, we are reusing the same outfit as you can see). Some parents have volunteered to talk to the children about the Moon Cake festival and they have enjoyed some home baked Moon Cakes.

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Mia said...

Vad söta barnen är! Nu e vi framme i Richmond och huset är underbart! (Det finns en bild på lowcarb-bloggen (den svenska länk från den vanliga)), men mer bilder kommer snart! Batteriet till kameran e slut och batteriladdaren är fortfarande i Swe och kommer om 1vecka när I och B åker över för att köra hit bilen.