Sunday, 14 September 2008

Supers & Princesses Party

Today the kids were invited to yet another birthday party, this time with a "Superheroes & Princesses" theme. Lucas was pleased he was able to wear his new Superman costume we bought him just the other day - and Linnea wore a little cape over a pretty dress. (Hm, have realized we really need a tiara or a crown or something, to be able to glam the dresses up with, for all the princess-parties I'm sure will come in the future...).


Superman & Spiderman (Malthe) having their party food in the tower:

Another crazy whirlwind party, following the normal program with playtime (this time there was a pool again, so demanded a bit more attention from the parents), yummy food, pass-the-parcel-game, piñata-bashing, singing and cake and last but not least (and for Linnea the most important part) the party bags!

Linnea and friends:

Singing & cake cutting:

Piñata time, Linnea giving it her all:

The next two parties in the calendar are grown-up parties, yay! But don't think for a minute that we will be excluded from wearing costumes, oh no! Quite the opposite, seems like it's an ongoing trend here to have themed parties.
I'm going to a ladies Cocktail Night with a Baju (= the traditional dress they wear here, we have to have a dress on that is made from baju material) theme; and in a few weeks time we are invited to a 40th birthday bash themed "A night at the Playboy Mansion"... Could be interesting, I will bring my big camera to that one, for sure!

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