Monday, 19 March 2012

Summer plans 2012

A little bit earlier this year than last (yay!) I have been able to book the summer travels for the kids and I. It's still unclear if Nathan can get time off at all during the school holidays, and if it's the case, when. Nothing new there...
As I see it, him coming along would be a huge bonus if it happens, but at least it feels really good having been able to set our travel dates already.

So, this is how it looks like, for those of you in Scandiland:

6th July: School is out, but we will be staying in Brunei for a couple of weeks since we will be having visitors until the 19th.
23 July: Kids and I arriving Sweden.
22 August: Kids and I departing Sweden
28th August: School starts again.

As you can see, no other plans are made as of yet.
Friends, please let me know when and where you might would like to meet up! :)

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